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Ministry of Culture all set for a new digital avatar

Sep 14, 2020 13:36 IST

To suit the new normal, the Ministry of Culture is planning to transform its usual functioning to integrate a range of digital initiatives. According to a Hindustan Times report, this will also include a web-series on India's freedom struggle and virtual tours of monuments. The web series may have 20 episodes and could air on Netflix and Amazon Prime among other platforms. The virtual tours will allow people to get a feel of the monuments from the comforts of their homes. The monuments will be visible at different times of the day and the tour will be followed by a quiz for students. Officials have also begun a process of cultural mapping in different districts, to document India's heritage, which will be uploaded on e-heritagepedia- a platform with information on Indian culture. Work on an e-artistpedia and e-marketplace is also in the pipeline.