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'382 docs died of Covid': IMA slams Centre for 'abandoning heroes'

Sep 17, 2020 13:33 IST

The Indian Medical Association has slammed the central govt accusing it of indifference towards the doctors who have died while treating Covid-19 patients. Peeved at health minister Dr Harshavadhan's statement on coronavirus in parliament, which had no word on the doctors who died in the line of duty, and his junior minister's statement that the Centre had no data as health is a state subject, the IMA has said that the Centre has abandoned the heroes. In a strong statement, the medical body has stated that so far, 382 doctors have died of coronavirus. In the list it released, the youngest doctor to lose his life was 27 years old and the oldest was 85. has infuriated. But the health minister made no mention of the medical professionals lost to the disease, the IMA said. This exposes the "hypocrisy of calling them corona warriors on one hand and denying them and their families the status and benefits of martyrdom," the IMA said.